Temporary Staffing

We assist organizations find resources for temporary staffing projects ranging from 12 months to 3 years.

Temporary Staffing

We assist organizations find resources for temporary staffing projects ranging from 12 months to 3 years. If you face problems in retaining employees or facing unexpected rise in attrition levels, our Temporary/Contract Staffing team could assist you. Hirers’ dedicated sourcing team finds suitable set of professionals matching desired Skill Sets, Experience, and Educational qualifications of your organizations Contract staffing needs.

Specialty of working with Hirers for your Contract staffing need is getting required manpower in a very short time span. To get candidates for time bound staffing requirements, we predominantly rely on referral sourcing methods, Newspaper ads, Data base search, Job board search.

We are pioneers in recruiting candidates for Contract jobs in the verticals of Logistics, Supply Chain Solutions, Courier, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Information technology, Manufacturing, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) etc. Hirers lead the recruitment industry working with numerous clients across industries delivering excellent workforce for Temporary Staffing requisites.

We are currently servicing India based businesses in Temporary Staffing services. With strong Contract staffing team, we deliver extensive results to our clients. Hirers have specialized wing of recruiters closely working with client organizations catering their contract staffing needs with great care, dedication and drive to complete the project efficiently at faster pace.

We depute our candidates to your time bound projects instantly through our readily available temporary staffing talent pool. Our success rate in temporary / contract staffing is greater than existing players because we are always ready for the opportunities that come our way through vigorously increasing our contract staffing employee database via offline and online channels.

We effectively leverage our internal talent pool to our clients as and when the need arise. Hirers assist you in reducing your human resource budgeting cost by allocating qualified individuals for time bound projects where the need for having a fulltime resource is nullified. Our contract staffing solutions are simple, cost effective and fast.

Our temp staffing team works closely with the decision makers of businesses to cater highly comprehensive hiring solutions. We have distinctive talents to fill the gaps of existing employees long leaves, absences, and vacations for short as well as extended durations. Hirers is the one-stop source for all your temporary, contract staffing needs.

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