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Secret To Business Success: Hire People Smarter Than You!

  • How to Hire Best Talents for your Startup

    56% entrepreneurs say their #1 challenge is hiring the right people. In a startup, recruitment can be time consuming and tiring. In the 90's to now, technology has overwhelmingly changed the way we do business - starting a business, getting capital, finding a business partner, reaching customers through social media, generating sales enquiries, closing deals, scaling up - every part of business became relatively straightforward but no great changes happened in recruiting. From releasing the job

  • How to Hire Great Sales People for your Business

    You might be interviewing sales people all your life but still may find it difficult when need to make a hiring decision. 78% startup entrepreneurs, 62% hiring managers and 37% corporate decision makers confirm – hiring best sales people is one of the biggest challenge they face in business management. Hiring the right sales people is a tricky job but with practise and understanding the basic guidelines, you can almost always spot the able sales guy from the average.

  • Smart Hiring Tips for Small & Medium Businesses

    Every startup and SMB can thrive only with a passionate workforce. As a startup entrepreneur or an SMB’s hiring manager, you must always be finding & recruiting the best talents for your business. Hiring passionate people is the key – if you have the options of a skilled person and a willing person, always hire the one with the will to work for your brand. Startup recruiting is a challenging, tricky, and time consuming process, moreover finding the right people can put a hole in your manpowe

  • Secret to Business Success: Hire People Smarter than you!

    Most entrepreneurs & hiring managers think hiring people who are smarter than themselves is a potential threat. It is a proven fact that every individual is fearful when broadening his territory. The act of welcoming an unknown person to your team is not a cake-on-the-walk experience for most managers. We all are human and we experience fear when new people enter into our circle. This is because of our 2000 year long taming to not welcome strangers into our tribe.

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